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YOU are the reason we spent sooo much time finding the PERFECT numbing cream!

Enjoy the fruits of our labor.

"The only thing you're going to remember after getting tattooed is the experience and not the pain..."  SincerelyThe Entire Staff

Are you scared of getting a tattoo? You're not alone. Tattoos hurt like a mother! Anyone who says different is lying or can simply manage pain better. Most people don't hold up too well against a tattoo-gun poking the heck out of them. Everyone is different but for most, it hurts and is extremely uncomfortable.

Our #1 goal is to make your next tattoo an enjoyable experience!

You don't need to worry anymore! You are exactly the reason why we sell our tattoo numbing cream. We love tattoos, like most people, and wanted to make sure to give you the very best topical anesthetic for getting tatted. Yes, it works for other painful procedures but obviously we focus on getting inked.


Numbing Supply Company

Things To Consider Before Buying Numbing Cream From Just Anywhere Online

It matters which numbing cream you buy online! We see plenty of our competitors use formulations with harmful ingredients and the wrong actives for tattoos and tattoo ink. The numbing sensations are different and respond slower than others as well. Please do your homework before randomly picking the cheapest numbing cream you find online or off of Amazon. Most of the time, you're buying China products or expired shelf-life products (yes, we've heard these horror stories.).



"I'm not a wuss but dang was I afraid of this entire lower back tat!!! I played it safe and went with this awesome numbing cream and am soooo glad I did. It really does work and I'll use it again on my next tattoo!"

— Becky Ester
back tattooed

"I have several tattoos and never had to use numbing cream until I got my new sleeve. Not only did it numb the pain for a few hours but it allowed me to keep going! This saved me time and extra trips for more sessions. Plus I was more relaxed during the tattoo and was able to sit perfectly still. The artist was able to get those fine lines with ease because of it. It's not for everyone but in my situation, it helped BIG TIME! I'd recommend this product."

— Bobby Johnson
sleeve tattoo