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Deciding on the placement of your new tattoo

Numbing Cream for Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, but they have only recently become so versatile and popular. When it comes to placement, you can get a tattoo just about anywhere you have skin, and with a good tattoo numbing cream, it may not even hurt so much as it used to. Here are some things to consider before you go under the needle for your next ink, whether it’s your first or you’re a seasoned veteran.

Consider how easy the ink will be cover

If you have a tough dress code at work or you’d just rather not show off your ink, this is important to consider when you choose your tattoo’s location. Conversely, if you want to show off your tattoo all the time, you’ll need to pick somewhere visible in your regular outfits. Some artists will even turn down requests for tattoos in certain locations, like your neck and your hands, unless you are already heavily tattooed.

Consider the pain

If you go the traditional route and get your tattoo anaesthetic-free, you’ll find huge variation in the amount of pain on different parts of your body; near the bone is often worse than over fleshy skin. However, if you get a good numbing cream for tattoos, you should have no problem with pain; you can get your tattoo pretty much wherever you want. Feel free to brag about the pain later, though! We won’t tell.

Consider the shape of your body (present and future!)

Just like your tattoo, your body is unique. Some of us have soft curves while others of us have sharper lines. A tattoo is going to to highlight a certain part of your body, so choose a place that you like, especially if your tattoo will be regularly visible. Remember that your body is going to change over time. If you’re a woman and you eventually want to have children, it might be a good idea to wait until after you’ve given birth to get a tattoo near your belly or lower back. Skin stretches in the hips, stomach, and thighs as we gain or lose weight, especially during pregnancy!

Consider the shape of your tattoo

The shape and size of the tattoo you want should be a major consideration when you make your selection. A good tattoo follows the shape of your body, and a killer artist can customize your design and try it out with a stencil before you commit.

PAIN Knuckle Tattoo 11-23-09 — IMG_9893 by stevendepolo licensed under Creative commons 4