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First ink? Choose wisely

Tattoo Art Selection

Take time to choose your tattoo art. Think of your tattoo as your own personal company logo or your brand; it should say something about you. Be discerning when choosing the art with which you will adorn your body. It should speak to onlookers. Besides what the tattoo means to you, it should be pleasing to the eye, and proportionately sized for the location you choose.

Location, location, location

Choose the location of your self-expression wisely. Although body decoration has become more popular, a full face or sleeve tattoo can be intimidating or distracting during a job interview, no matter how good your credentials are. Perhaps your first tattoo should not be on the hands or face. Job-seekers, bear in mind – first impressions are important, so don’t let your need for self-expression limit your employment options. Of course, if this advice doesn’t apply to you because you are already well-established or plan on working only with open-minded, accepting folks, go ahead and do as you will, but use careful consideration regarding tattoos that cannot be concealed easily.

Don’t feel pain by using the best numbing cream

Take your pain threshold into consideration. Ankle tattoos look great, but tattoos in areas close to the bone are the most painful. Tattoos placed on fatty tissue areas hurt the least. Regardless of the art you choose or where you place your tattoo, make sure you purchase a good quality numbing cream for tattoos.  Tattoo Numbing Cream is the strongest topical anesthetic sold without a prescription.

Final words

Choose your tattoo artist wisely. It’s perfectly fine to interview him or her, and present your tattoo idea. Be open to suggestions, remember who the professional is, but don’t be willing to compromise your style too much. Once you choose your design and placement, remember to check your spelling. Cover-up jobs can be complicated and expensive. Even if you’re nervous, don’t drink before you get a tattoo – alcohol is a blood thinner. If it gets painful apply a thick layer of tattoo numbing cream that’ll block the sensory fibers from shooting pain signals to the brain.  Finally, bring a friend. Bring someone who won’t let you get talked into or out of something you really want, and someone you can trust, have fun with, and share your memory afterwards.