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Have your tattoos looking their best, years later

As a lifetime investment, you have to make sure each of your tattoos are going to look their best. A big part of this responsibility lies on the shoulders of your tattoo artist, and his or her ability to get you quality ink, but to really get the most out of your tattoo, you have to know how to play your part, and that means having the right tools and mindset at your disposal.

Deal with the pain with tattoo numbing cream

Maybe the biggest hurdle for many people is the pain associated with getting a tattoo. It makes it more difficult to get into the shop, just out of fear, but it also makes the work of your artist that much harder. Imagine painting a masterpiece on a canvas that twitches with every stroke of the brush. Relaxing, and keeping still, is always going to be your best bet, but sometimes that can be difficult. Tattoo numbing cream is specially designed for this purpose, letting you forget your pain and stay calm. It removes any fear you may have about walking into the shop, and allows you to rely on your artist’s skill.

Relax and enjoy

After the process has started, your job is to do everything you can to help your artist work. Some artists are chatty while others are more quiet, but more often than not it will be a good opportunity to make a new friend. With your numbing cream, it shouldn’t be too difficult to be on your best behavior.

The two week rule

Generally speaking, the two weeks after getting your tattoo are the toughest. It is most vulnerable to smudging and cracking during this period, and so you need to take extra care to keep it protected. Moisturizing lotions are a good idea, and can help prevent cracking, and some people cover their ink with a large bandage, which is washed and changed regularly. When sleeping, try to avoid sleeping on your new tattoo if at all possible. It may sound like a lot of work, but by keeping attentive during these first two weeks, you will benefit from a great work of art that will last a lifetime.