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Numbing Cream For Piercings

Numbing Cream for PiercingsGetting a body, nose, ear, tongue, or something else piercing?  Don’t be a fool, use the #1 Numbing Cream For Piercings on the market!

Numbing cream works wonders for body piercings from it’s fast absorption to it’s deep effects into the dermis layer of the skin.  You’ll never get stuck without being numbed up again.  A water-based piercing cream using 5% lidocaine for maximum over-the-counter strength.  Oh, did I mention our product also contains 2 other numbing agents (benzocaine and prilocaine) for added comfort.

It’s simple.  Schedule your appointment, apply our numbing cream for any type of body piercing, wait 45 minutes before getting stuck, then sit back and relax because you’re about to get a pain-free piercing procedure!