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Numbing Cream For Waxing

numbing cream for waxingDo you like to get body or bikini waxing?  If so, I’m sure you know how painful this waxing procedure is, ouch!  We recommend using our numbing cream for waxing for a painless experience!  Hairs grow within a deep layer of skin that needs to be properly numbed before yanking the hair out for temporary removal.  You need to apply numbing cream 45 minutes before you start your body or bikini waxing treatment.  Rubbing the numbing cream thoroughly onto the area to be waxed, recommended 1.1 mm thick, then wait 45 minutes for maximum affect, and, finally, wipe off with a dry or damp rag.  You are now ready to for that painless body or bikini wax!

Caution:  Do Not rub numbing cream all over body such as both legs at once or entire upper body, etc.  Use on one are of the body at a time and never use anything that’s more powerful than over-the-counter strength numbing cream which is 5% lidocaine cream.  Lidocaine is the main active ingredient in most popular numbing creams.