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How To Apply Numbing Cream

For best results, apply up to 15-60 minutes BEFORE tattoo procedure or other procedure.  Numbing affect begins in as little as 15 minutes.

Follow ALL the directions below carefully:

  1. Wash the area receiving treatment with soap & water. Then dry area completely.
  2. Apply a THICK AMOUNT of numbing cream to the targeted area of skin.
  3. For added strength:  After 30 minutes, apply a 2nd thin layer of cream over the area (if you have spare cream).
  4. You can cover the cream with plastic wrap or saran wrap to help activate the numbing (and not make a mess).
  5. Leave cream in place at least 15 minutes before procedure. We recommend a minimum of 45-90 minutes for tattoo procedures.
  6. Wipe off cream with a rag or towel right before procedure. Do not use water or soap to clean off.

Skin typically remains numb for 1 to 4 hours once cream is wiped off. Results vary by skin type and location on body.

NOTE:  Facial procedures leave on only 30 min.  Eyelids only need 15 min.


Safety Warnings:  

  • We recommend to speak with your medical professional for their opinion/recommendations before your specific procedure.
  • DO NOT use if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • DO NOT apply all over body or extensive skin coverage such as both full legs at the same time for example.
  • DO NOT swallow or ingest.
  • Intended for UNBROKEN skin only.  Do NOT use on open wounds.
  • Numbing cream is for external-use only!
  • NOT intended for children!