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Numbing Cream for Tattoos

Tattoo Numbing CreamTattoos are painful! Some people who want a tattoo will avoid it simply because the idea of being in so much pain is too much to bare or think about. But finally, getting a tattoo can be painless by using a strong OTC (over-the-counter) tattoo numbing cream.  Our Numbing Cream For Tattoos contains 5% lidocaine, benzocaine and prilocaine. This combination of powerful numbing agents will numb the tattoo area for an hour or more. The cream can be applied easily and does not require any medical experience.

Benefits:  The numbing cream may be reapplied for longer tattoo sessions. The advantage of this is being able to have a large tattoo completed during one appointment and not have to come back to the shop multiple times and/or several sessions. An hour or so before the tattoo work begins, apply the topical cream. It will numb the nerve endings and deadening all sensitivity in that skin area. Thus, allowing you to sit back and relax during what would’ve been a painful procedure.

There are several advantages in using a numbing cream for tattoos. The cream lasts up to four hours, water-based, and it does not cause skin to swell. Additionally, the lidocaine in the cream not only helps to numb the skin, it is also effective in relieving itching and burning. The person getting a tattoo will be more calm and will sit still during the procedure avoiding possible errors by the artist.

It is important to speak with the tattoo artist beforehand. Be sure the artist has knowledge of numbing cream use as it can cause a health risk if improperly applied. A good tattoo artist will know exactly where to apply the cream and how much to use. However, those with health issues or allergies should also consult with their doctor as well.

When properly applied, skin numbing cream for tattoos is a safe, effective, and will help ensure a new and amazing tattoo.