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Relieving the itch of a new tattoo with Numbing Cream

Itch Numbing CreamAs your body begins to heal after a new tattoo, you will notice that the skin in the area itches quite a bit. Comparing the dermatological healing process with the tattooing process makes this easy to understand.

A tattoo needle punctures the skin so that ink can be placed under the top layer. This means that a tattoo is actually a wound that needs proper healing time and treatment, similar to a minor sunburn.

Healing phases of a tattoo

There are phases of healing for all new tattoos and each have unique symptoms. First, the area around the tattoo will be inflamed, which can lead to soreness, swelling and slight skin discoloration for a few days.

Next, as the tattoo begins to dry out, anywhere from one to four days after getting the tat, it will feel tight. This means new skin is forming as scabbing starts in the tattooed area. As this happens, the skin will begin to itch.

Further into the healing process, it will start to peel. This will increase the itchiness of the tattooed skin. Finally, even after the damaged skin has peeled and new skin takes its place, the area will remain itchy and sensitive.

Finding relief

In some cases, the itchiness of a new tattoo can become somewhat unbearable. Fortunately, numbing cream for tattoos is available to offer some relief. This product is designed specifically for use on tattoos and is conventionally used for first-time ink jobs.

The active ingredients in tattoo numbing cream are 5% lidocaine with benzocaine and prilocaine. These components help to decrease the sensation of the skin in the area where you get your new tattoo. It will effectively reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you experience as your tattoo heals properly. It is best, however, to only use such products in moderation, as described on the label.

Keep in mind that an itchy tattoo can also be a sign that your new body art is infected. If in addition to the itchiness, you also experience any pain, exceptional redness, draining or bleeding, seek the advice of your doctor.

Me New Tattoo by Just Jefa licensed under Creative commons 6