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Tattoo Pain Chart

How Much Is It Going To Hurt?  Use This Tattoo Pain Chart To Find Out.

Are you about to get a tattoo but hesitant because you’re not sure how painful it’ll be?  We’ve added this simple to use Tattoo Pain Chart for those wanting a general idea on the most sensitive areas of the body before getting poked by a tattoo gun.

Tattoo Pain Chart

Please keep in mind this is just a general guide because everyone has a different threshold for pain.  But these are the typical pain spots for tattoos.

As you can see on the pain chart, the red areas represent the most painful spots on the body while the blue represent the least amount of pain.  Another rule of thumb you can use are tickle areas.  If you are ticklish somewhere then that also means it’s probably going to hurt when getting tattooed there.  Men and women definitely have different levels of pain in different areas.

So what can you do if you are worried about significant tattoo pain?

We recommend using this numbing cream that is ideal for tattoos>>

Tattoo Numbing Cream

It will numb any area on your body for 1 to 4 hours and will NOT interfere with the tattoo ink or color.  Only cream formulations that use blood constrictors will mess up your tattoo.  Our numbing cream does not contain any blood vessel constrictors such as prilocaine, etc.

Yes, yes, yes… people might give you a hard time for using such a product but everyone deals with pain differently.  We hope this tattoo pain chart is useful for some of you when deciding what to do and what’s best for you.  One last thing to consider is the more comfortable and still you can be the better your tattoo will be!  So, in fact, a good topical anesthetic is only going to provide the tattoo artist a nice and steady canvas (skin) to work on.  And you’ll be able to endure longer sessions for larger pieces of art.