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The 5 most painful spots to get a tattoo

Numbing Cream for pain

Whether you’re inked from head to toe or you’re planning your first tattoo, you might have heard some things about the pain associated with getting tattooed. But where is the most painful place to get a tattoo? The jury’s still out on that one, but we’ve put together a list of the five top contenders. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo in any of these places (or, frankly, anywhere else!), a numbing cream for tattoos is essential. Just follow the directions to apply this anesthetic 45 minutes before tattooing, and your pain will be greatly reduced.

5. Hands and feet

You might think that tattoos on hands and feet must not hurt too bad, because so many people have tattoos there. You’d be surprised, though! The sensitive skin on your extremities makes tattoos here particularly painful.

4. Elbow and knee

The backs of your elbows and knees are similar areas of soft, sensitive skin, andthe front is right on bone.

3. Armpit

Like under your elbows and knees, the skin under your arm is extremely sensitive. Think of how much a bit of razor burn or dermatitis can hurt here – multiply that by 100 and you’ve got an idea of how painful a tattoo would be.

2. Rib cage

Some people say the rib cage is the ultimate location for a hardcore tattoo. With some tattoo numbing cream, however, this area will be a breeze to tattoo, and quite worth it. The rib cage is a really aesthetically pleasing place for a tattoo that is easily covered at work or school. A lot of people like a text tattoo in this area.

1. Groin

Listen, you know how sensitive your privates are! Now imagine a giant needle jabbing them over and over again. This one speaks for itself. You can use a good numbing cream here, too, but make sure you keep the cream completely external.

Don’t be scared off by the possibility of temporary pain when you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, even if you’re thinking of going for a notoriously excruciating location. A good numbing cream will give you the lifelong body art you crave with the use of just a bit of temporary (but vital!) anesthetic. Limit the pain, perfect the art.


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