#1 Strongest Numbing Cream For Men & Women!

We sell the strongest over the counter Tattoo Numbing Cream online! Our topical anesthetic penetrates deep into the skin to prevent pain during your tattoo procedure. It can be used by men and women for multiple procedures such as: tattoos, tattoo removals, piercings, body waxing, and laser hair removal. Our numbing cream contains 5% lidocaine for ultimate pain relief.

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Tattoo Guy with beardWelcome to Tattoo Numbing Cream, a topical anesthetic cream designed for a pain-free tattoo experience.  Simply rub into the skin 1 to 2 hours before your tattoo appointment and your skin will become numb for hours.  Comes in a generous 1/2 ounce jar or 1 full ounce tube for tattoos.

Buy Tattoo Numbing Cream Without A Prescription!  Over-the-counter friendly.

Keep in mind that this cream contains 3 powerful numbing agents:  5% lidocaine, benzocaine, & prilocaine.  Get the most out of tattoo numbing cream with our top pick creams!

Why Use This Stuff?  For the pain!  Some people like pain but most don’t.  Applying our tattoo cream will numb your skin for the duration of your tattoo.  You can even reapply as needed for longer lasting sessions.  The artist also benefits from numbing cream because they will be able to complete even large tattoos in one sitting instead of multiple appointments.

All Of Our Tattoo Numbing Creams Have 5% Lidocaine Maximum Strength

1 Ounce Numbing Tube

1 Large Ounce Tubes

This is a multi-purpose cream.  It is made for men and women to use on painful procedures such as tattooing, body piercings, and body/bikini waxings.

We are an USA based company!  Don’t get fooled into the cheap china solutions on the market that take forever to arrive.  Learn More>>

Our #1 Tattoo Numb Product

We carry a large generous sized one ounce tube.  It works great due to it’s superior formulation.

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