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Triple-Action Topical Anesthetic Made For Tattoos

Made With High-Quality Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine, & All-Natural Ingredients

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Over-The-Counter  |  NO Prescription Required



Our fast & long-lasting active ingredients work together to penetrate deep into the skin layers for an effective numbing sensation. Other numbing creams use the wrong amount of lidocaine or even the wrong actives such as prilocaine. We use only pure, safe, and high quality ingredients for painful procedures such as tattoos. Triple-Strength formula: lidocaine, benzocaine, & tetracaine.


Our numbing cream prevents tattoo pain but DOES NOT interfere with tattoo ink (doesn't contain blood vessel constrictors such as prilocaine). When applied correctly, you’ll experience a painless tattoo procedure and a happy tattoo artist. It benefits the artist by providing a steady canvas while being poked. Customers will be able to sit longer and allow tattooists to do more work in single sessions!


How is our product different? Our product numbs in 3 stages! A fast-onset with benzocaine starting in only 15 minutes, lidocaine kicks in for a strong mid-range effect, and finally a long-lasting sensation with tetracaine. Max strength numbing formulated in an oil-based cream.


A topical anesthetic made for a variety of painful procedures. You'll be glad you chose a product that penetrates deeply and capable of a realistic long lasting numbing sensation. Minimize the pain. Easy to use and easy to apply. Enjoy a pain free experience!

What is Tattoo Numbing Cream?

An over-the-counter topical anesthetic/analgesic used for many common tattoo procedures such as: body tattoos and laser tattoo removals. The cream itself is an all-natural oil-based cream with no preservatives, fillers, additives, or whiteners. It contains the maximum allowed percentage of lidocaine at 5 percent set by the FDA. The numbing mixture provides for the deepest & longest penetration into the deep layers of skin, the dermis layer, allowing it to target and reach the pain sensory fibers. In short, the main goal of numbing cream is to block the pain receptors to allow for a pain-free tattoo or other medical procedure.

Tattoo Pain Relief

Made & sold in an all-natural oil-based cream. NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS with NO added preservatives, fillers, whiteners, or additives. It is safe to use on intact skin. (Not broken)

How does it help with tattoo pain?

Once you apply the numbing cream to the tattoo skin area, it begins quickly absorbing into the multiple layers of skin such as the epidermis and the dermis. Underlying in these areas are the sensing organs for heat, cold, touch, pressure, and pain. The primary organ we are focused on numbing is the sensing of the free nerve endings for pain such as when a tattoo gun pierces through the flesh and injecting tattoo ink deep into the dermis causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. This product will temporarily block those pain signals from being sent along the nerves and eventually to the brain.

Numbing Cream Applications

Our cream can be used for any of the following procedures:


Tattoo Removal

Body Piercings

Hair Removal (Laser & Waxing)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it interfere with the tattoo ink?

NO way! Our tattoo numbing cream formula ensures no blood constricting ingredients such as prilocaine. You can relax knowing your ink will not be affected in any way. No loss in color or the way it sets.

Are there any preservatives in our cream?

No. None! All-natural with NO preservatives, fillers, additives, or even whiteners. It comes in it’s natural color and texture. Perfect and safe to use on any skin type.

How do we compare against other creams?

It's simple. We believe our calculated formula is the BEST! Why? Because we have 3 stages of numbing: fast-acting, deep strong mid-range numb, & long-lasting (up to 4 hours) numbing sensation. How the 3 stages work? The right amount of active ingredients: benzocaine is the fast acting ingredient, then lidocaine at 5% contains a strong mid-range effect, and finally tetracaine is our long-lasting numbing ingredient lasting up to 4 hours. The other creams primarily use only lidocaine with generic base ingredients and the wrong amount of other actives and even the wrong active such as prilocaine.

How fast does it start working?

Our cream starts working in ONLY 15 minutes! And numbing continues to get stronger within 30-45 min because of the other 2 actives. It’s all mixed in an all-natural oil-based cream which adheres better to the skin.


Yes! Follow our basic instructions and it’s safe to use to numb the pain for many different painful procedures such as: tattoos, body piercings, tattoo removals, laser, etc.

Note: DO NOT USE if you are allergic to lidocaine, benzocaine, or tetracaine. And DO NOT USE on broken or damaged skin. Only use before your procedure.


"Enjoy A Pain Free Experience!"


Numbing Effects Last 1 to 4 Hours


Customer Testimonials

Becky EsterTattoo Lover

I'm not a wuss but dang was I afraid of this entire lower back tat!!! I played it safe and went with this awesome numbing cream and am soooo glad I did. It really does work and I'll use it again on my next tattoo!

Bobby JohnsonLas Vegas, NV

I have several tattoos and never had to use numbing cream until I got my new sleeve.  Not only did it numb the pain for a few hours but it allowed me to keep going!  This saved me time and extra trips for more sessions.  Plus I was more relaxed during the tattoo and was able to sit perfectly still.  The artist was able to get those fine lines with ease because of it.  It's not for everyone but in my situation, it helped BIG TIME!  I'd recommend this product... 

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