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Triple-Action Formula with 3 Active Ingredients

Lidocaine 5%  |  Benzocaine 20%  |  Tetracaine 4%

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

NO Harmful Ingredients





Our triple-action active ingredients work together to provide 3 stages of numbing: fast acting, deep penetration, & long lasting. The other numbing creams only use one main ingredient (lidocaine 5%) or the wrong actives such as prilocaine. We use the 3 best active ingredients for tattoos (lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine) in the correct percentages for effectiveness.


How is our product different? Other creams effect the skin in a single rate and time. Our product numbs the skin at 3 different rates and times. Benzocaine is quick and makes it a fast-acting solution. Lidocaine is slower to act but numbs longer with a mid-range effect. Finally, Tetracaine is a late starter but lasts the longest out of the 3 actives. Overall a fast, strong, and long lasting numbing sensation.


The ingredients are kept simple and as natural as possible. Made as an oil-based cream so it adheres better to the skin and stays on longer. The solution is only the oil cream and the 3 actives. Nothing else! No harmful ingredients such as parabens, fillers, additives, preservatives, or even whiteners. Made and sold in it's natural color & finish.


A topical anesthetic made for a variety of painful procedures. You'll be glad you chose a product with a fast onset and capable of a realistic long lasting numbing sensation. Minimize the pain. Easy to use and easy to apply. Enjoy a painfree experience!

What is Tattoo Numbing Cream?

5% numbing cream

A local topical anesthetic/analgesic used for many common tattoo procedures such as: body tattoos and laser tattoo removals. The cream itself is oil-based, anti-inflammatory, and contains 3 numbing agents (lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine). The formulation of the product allows for the deepest penetration into the skin (dermis layer) allowing it to target and reach the pain sensory fibers. In short, the main goal of numbing cream is to block the pain receptors to allow for a pain-free tattoo session or procedure.  

Made & sold in the NATURAL color & finish.  NO whiteners, NO fillers, NO parabens, NO preservatives, NO additives, NOTHING harmful to the skin or body.

Once you apply the numbing cream to the tattoo skin area, it begins quickly absorbing into the multiple layers of skin such as the epidermis and the dermis. Underlying in these areas are the sensing organs for heat, cold, touch, pressure, and pain. The primary organ we are focused on numbing is the sensing of the free nerve endings for pain such as when a tattoo gun pierces through the flesh and injecting tattoo ink deep into the dermis causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. This product will temporarily block those pain signals from being sent along the nerves and eventually to the brain.

How does it help with tattoo pain?

Numbing Cream Applications

Our cream can be used for any of the following procedures:


Tattoo Removal

Body Piercings

Hair Removal (Laser & Waxing)


"Enjoy A Pain Free Experience!"


Numbing Effects Last 1 to 4 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we compare against other creams?

Are there any additives or fillers in our cream?

How fast does it start working?

Is our formula all-natural?

Pricing Packages

Single Jar


* Best Value *

Triple-Action Formula

Skin surface coverage:
16″x16″ (inches)

3 Active Anesthetics
Numbs Up To 3 Hours
NO Harmful Additives
NO Preservatives

Was $37  Now $29

* No Prescription Required.



** Most Popular **

Triple-Action Formula

Skin surface coverage:
48″x48″ (inches)

3 Active Anesthetics
Numbs Up To 3 Hours
NO Harmful Additives
NO Preservatives

Was $111 Now $79

* No Prescription Required.



​* X-Large Uses *

Triple-Action Formula

Skin surface coverage:
96″x96″ (inches)

3 Active Anesthetics
Numbs Up To 3 Hours
NO Harmful Additives
NO Preservatives

Was $222 Now $149

* No Prescription Required.

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Customer Testimonials

Becky EsterTattoo Lover

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Bobby JohnsonLas Vegas, NV

I have several tattoos and never had to use numbing cream until I got my new sleeve.  Not only did it numb the pain for a few hours but it allowed me to keep going!  This saved me time and extra trips for more sessions.  Plus I was more relaxed during the tattoo and was able to sit perfectly still.  The artist was able to get those fine lines with ease because of it.  It's not for everyone but in my situation, it helped BIG TIME!  I'd recommend this product... 

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