Tattoo Numbing Cream with Max Strength Lidocaine 5%

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How does Tattoo Numbing Cream work?

Tattoo Numbing Cream, over the counter, is a topical anesthetic used for many common tattoo procedures such as:  body tattoos and laser tattoo removals. The cream itself is water-based, anti-inflammatory, and combined with numbing agents such as high strength lidocaine (the main active ingredient). The formulation of the product allows for deep penetration into the skin (dermis layer) allowing it to target and reach the pain sensory fibers. In short, the main goal of numbing cream is to block the pain receptors to allow a pain-free tattoo experience.

How to make a tattoo less painful & not hurt?

Once you apply a numbing cream for tattoos, it begins quickly absorbing into the multiple layers of skin such as the epidermis and the dermis. Consuming these areas are the sensing organs for heat, cold, touch, pressure, and pain. The primary organ we are focused on numbing is the sensing of the free nerve endings for pain such as when a tattoo gun pierces through the flesh and injecting tattoo ink deep into the dermis causing a great deal of pain and uncomfort. This product will temporarily block pain signals from being sent along the nerves and then to the brain.

tattoo numbing cream

How-To Apply:

  1. Wash the skin area with soap and water then pat dry
  2. Apply thick layer of numbing cream and rub in thoroughly
  3. (optional – for added strength) After 20 minutes, apply a 2nd thin layer over same area
  4. Cover the area with plastic or saran wrap to prevent mess onto clothing
  5. Leave on for 1 to 2 hours right before your tattoo or tattoo removal
  6. Wipe off with dry rag moments before procedure begins (do not use soap)

The area getting the tattoo should be numbed now for 1-4 hours. Results vary for each individual since all our bodies react a bit differently. Don’t forget to read all tips &
warnings concerning lidocaine such as this numbing cream safety information>>

Skin, Ink, & Pain Numbing Benefits:

  • does not interfere with tattoo ink or colors
  • allows for longer tattoo sessions
  • helps you keep still while getting the tattoo
  • creates numbing sensation for hours
  • does not cause swelling or irritation

What are some of the unknown risks from tattoos?

Allergic reactions can occur from getting a tattoo especially from the different ink colors/dyes. They can cause itchy, dry, and even inflamed skin reactions.

Skin infections are usually caused from a tattoo artist using contaminated equipment such as their tattoo gun. Ask about the shop’s safety and health procedures before selecting an artist or shop.

Other complications can be bumps forming around the tattoo ink causing scar tissue. Everyone’s skin reacts in different ways to tattoo procedures and we just want everyone to be fully aware and educated on the risks of getting a tattoo.

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Testimonial & Review


tattoo numbing cream reviewJust wanted to take a second to let you guys know how AMAZZZZING your product is. I have LOTS of tattoo’s & have never used any type of numbing agent, but my tattoo artist said to give it a shot for the large one I’ve just started on my back. I wanted to send you a pic of the tattoo I had done last night & express to you that I literally felt NOTHING!!!!!! I couldn’t even tell I was having anything done! I am so amazed at this product & will definitely be buying more.