Tattoo Numbing Cream with Max Strength Lidocaine 5%

Get FREE shipping when you buy our Tattoo Numbing Cream online. Our lotion anesthetic penetrates deep into the dermis layer of skin reaching painful sensory fibers. This is why it's so effective on tattoos. Our numbing cream contains max strength lidocaine 5% for ultimate pain relief & comfort.


Tattoo Numbing CreamTattoo Numbing Cream, a topical anesthetic cream designed for painful tattoos.

Tattoos, body piercings, and other forms of body modification enjoy a long and storied history that spans the globe. This history encompasses generations and cultures, serves as a permanent mark of inclusion in various groups, and provides for a means of personal expression and ornamentation. But the procedures involved in obtaining permanent body art have grown no less painful over time. Tattoo Numbing Cream is a topical anesthetic specifically designed to make the tattoo experience more enjoyable by dulling the pain associated with the procedure. And it can be used for more than just tattoos.

Other Tattoo Numbing Cream procedures that may benefit include:

What makes a good numbing cream the best choice for comfort and convenience when planning for these or other procedures? There are several benefits when you choose this multi-purpose product. For one thing, Tattoo Numbing Cream is an over-the-counter product, which means no prescription is necessary. And we offer the convenience of secure online ordering and speedy shipping (including international).

More importantly, though, Tattoo Numbing Cream is comprised of one powerful numbing agent:  Max Strength Lidocaine 5%

This combination of numbing agents, when applied topically 1-2 hours prior to a procedure, provides for pain cessation lasting up to a few hours (approximately 1-4 hours on average). And it may be reapplied as needed during a tattoo, tattoo removal, or other extended procedure. There’s no reason to suffer for body art. With numbing cream, a more pleasant experience can be had by all. Undoubtedly, tattoo artists will appreciate calm and steady subjects, as well as the ability to perform longer sessions, all thanks to Tattoo Numbing Cream. With pain relief that lasts for hours, even customers who are squeamish or suffer from low pain tolerance can sit still and enjoy a pain-free experience.

And Tattoo Numbing Cream is easy to apply. This silky, water-based cream glides on smoothly and does not cause swelling. Plus, it can be reapplied as needed during long sessions for continued pain relief. The large, 1-ounce tube offers a coverage area of 18×18 inches on average when applied liberally, although many users enjoy more coverage. Regardless of the intended application area’s size, Tattoo Numbing Cream can provide the coverage required to ensure a pain-free session. And 3-packs are available at a discounted rate for those with particularly large projects or extensive sessions planned.

We are proud to offer a product that is sold by a USA company. Tattoo Numbing Cream is operated by an Oklahoma-based company that employs American workers and ships quickly to any location in the United States via USPS Priority Mail. Ordering cheap products from overseas is a gamble. Customers seeking powerful pain relief during the tattoo, tattoo removal, piercing, body waxing, or laser hair removal process will get exactly what they pay for when ordering Tattoo Numbing Cream – a product that works.  Read more company & shipping details on our faqs page.

The process of applying body art and undergoing body modification has traditionally coincided with pain. But this need not be the case. Tattoo Numbing Cream provides an affordable solution that helps customers receive the body beautification procedures they crave without the pain.