at what age can you get a tattoo

How Old To Get a Tattoo in the UK

If you've clicked this page, you have probably reached the point where you're desperate to get that well thought-out and maturely planned tattoo and wondering ‘at what age can you get a tattoo in the UK?’. So when can the special day occur? 

In the UK, both the tattoo artist and client have to be at least 18 years of age and the client has to give full consent to receiving the tattoo, as with most things. At this stage, you’re most likely settled on the exact design of your tattoo, and you've had the art saved in your phone for quite some time. But are there other factors that are important when choosing to get a tattoo?

What Else is Important to Remember When Getting a Tattoo?

There are many aspects of getting a tattoo that most people don't acknowledge until the very last minute and this causes problems. So, it's important to plan ahead and remember the following important elements, as well as others:

  • Design - The design of the tattoo is arguably the most important aspect and is certainly the most focused upon. Ensuring your design is appropriate and does not intend to or can be seen to offend any person or group is crucial.
  • Position - Where your tattoo is placed on your body is very significant for many reasons. Firstly, some areas, such as the face will have adverse effects such as decreasing employability in some establishments, depending on where you intend to work. Furthermore, position can also have an effect on the pain factor, but more on that later.
  • Cost - Tattoos can be quite expensive, easily costing upwards of £100.
  • Pain - The pain factor is commonly overlooked and can have a serious effect on a person. Especially in more sensitive areas such as the neck, fingers and inside-lip. So how can we negate this?

  • How Can You Make Tattoos Less Painful?

    If you’re wondering ‘at what age can you get a tattoo?’ as well as how to reduce the pain involved, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many different ways to make tattoos less painful, such as:

  • Choosing a well-practised artist - More experienced tattoo artists will have perfected their technique to a point where they can minimise the pain you will experience during a tattooing.
  • Choose a less painful area of the body - As aforementioned, some areas of the body will induce less pain. See this blog for an explanation on the most painful places, as well as a rough guide on how to choose a place of minimal pain magnitude.
  • Use numbing cream - By applying Tattoo Numbing Cream, which you can buy here, pain can be minimised and you can enjoy a pain-free tattooing.
  • Distractions - Distract yourself from what's going on by listening to music or just simply going on your phone. This will help you take your mind off the pain you are currently experiencing and aid you in pushing through it.

  • How Do You Use Tattoo Numbing Cream to Make Your New Tattoo Painless?

    1. Wash the area you plan on getting tattooed with soap and  water. You can also use an exfoliant to ensure the removal of any dirt or dead skin. This will not only help prevent ingrown hairs, but it will also aid the cream in completely sinking in, decreasing the time it takes for you to move on to the next step. Once clean, dry the area. 
    2. Generously apply the cream, ensuring to completely cover the area you are focusing and rub the cream in thoroughly.
    3. Then cover the area with a layer of cling film. This will help the cream to activate and prevent it from drying out.
    4. Leave for 90 minutes.
    5. Once this time has elapsed, wipe away any excess cream after removing the cling film. 
    6. You’re now ready to get that tattoo.
    7. The cream will last multiple hours, therefore you shouldn't need to reapply it midway through the tattoo, as long as your design isn't immensely large and takes the best part of 12 hours.

    Where Can You Buy Tattoo Numbing Cream?

    Now that you have the answer to, ‘at what age can you get a tattoo in the UK?’, you can start looking for numbing creams to combat the pain.

    Tattoo Numbing Cream can be bought on the tattoonumbingcream website, with deals in place to allow for purchase of multiple tubes, either at a 10% discount if bought in bundles of 3, or a 30% discount if bought in bundles of 5 or even just a single tube.


    Click here to purchase our Signature Tattoo Numbing Cream, ready for that tattoo on your 18th birthday. 


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