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Heal-Right Tattoo Aftercare Soap

Heal-Right Tattoo Aftercare Soap

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So, you've got your new tattoo, and you're eager to show it off. Now comes the part that is just as important as getting the ink done - looking after it. One thing that will greatly help your new body art look its best and heal correctly is the right tattoo soap.

At Tattoo Numbing Cream Co., we don't just help you get a comfortable and anxiety-free tattoo experience. We're also here to guide you along the path that comes after you leave the artist's chair - caring for your tattoo. That’s why we've brought you the Heal-Right Aftercare Soap.

Our specifically designed post-tattoo soap is medicated and anti-bacterial. Combined with a post-tattoo cream, it will help your tattoo heal faster and minimise fading as well as protect against infection and acne.

It will thoroughly cleanse blocked pores and remove excess oil. It also gives all-over body odour protection.

Size: 19g

Active Ingredients: Glutathione

Directions: Use twice daily in the shower.

Many would describe getting a tattoo as fun and exciting – it is! Although tattoos are great for many reasons, nobody talks about the after-effects like the itching, the peeling, and no sleep! Sometimes it’s the days after the tattoo session where it is consistently irritating. In order for the tattoo to heal properly, a lukewarm water wash and proper moisturisation is needed. Our tattoo aftercare soap does this perfectly.

Why Bother With Soap For Tattoo Aftercare?

Is the soap for tattoo aftercare offered by Tattoo Numbing Cream Co. just a fancy accessory? Definitely not! Your fresh tattoo comes with some responsibilities. Keeping it clean and moist helps prevent scabbing, fading, or even infections. Our tattoo soap and tattoo aftercare foam are going to be your best friends when it comes to taking care of your fresh ink.

Can you use your everyday bar soap? Not so much. 

For the first 5 days after getting a tattoo, you will not be able to use normal soap on your skin. Most body washes are loaded with fragrances and harsh chemicals that can sting and irritate a fresh tattoo. This can burn the skin where the tattoo is and can also dry it out, meaning more skin will peel off after the process. If you use our tattoo aftercare soap, you can wash your skin just 4 hours after the application of your tattoo.

The right soap for tattoos, like Heal-Right Aftercare Soap, is calming, gentle, and specially designed to cleanse your tattoo without causing any problems.

This not only means you can stay feeling fresh; our tattoo aftercare soap also provides all-over body odour protection! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve been showing off your new tattoo at a party, our tattoo aftercare soap has you covered.

☑️ Tattoo aftercare soap doesn’t harm your skin

☑️ Helps reduce the healing process time

Be Smart with Soap for Tattoos and Shop Now

Beyond our iconic Tattoo Numbing Cream, we stock top-quality aftercare products. For example, our Heal-Right Aftercare Soap offers gentle cleansing for your delicate tattooed skin. By using the right soap and taking proper care of your tattoo, you’re investing not just in your tattoo but also in the story it tells.

After all, your fresh ink deserves the best care and we promise to provide it, every step of the way.


How should I use soap to clean my tattoo? 

Got your tattoo soap? Good, but it’s equally important to know how to use the soap to clean tattoo areas. It"s not complicated, but it's crucial to nail this process for the best outcome. Here it is, step by step:

  1. Clean Your Hands First: Wash your hands before you touch your tattoo. This helps to avoid any risks of infecting your fresh tattoo.
  2. Apply Tattoo Soap: Wet your fresh tattoo with lukewarm water. Then gently rub a bit of soap onto your tattoo.
  3. Rinse and Pat Dry: Rinse the soap off with water, ensuring nothing is left behind. Gently pat dry your tattoo with a clean paper towel – no rubbing!
  4. Add our tattoo salve for extra moisture

You should use soap to clean your tattoo a few times each day, especially in the first couple of weeks. Good cleaning can make a world of difference in the long run for your tattoo.

Can I use tattoo soap on all types of tattoos?

Absolutely! No matter what kind of unique body art you sport, tattoo soap is suitable for any kind of inking you have. Tattoo soap is crafted to handle the vital needs of freshly inked skin, making sure it"s cleansed thoroughly while being exceedingly gentle to your precious design.

Are you wondering if this applies to your detailed full-sleeve, your dainty ankle ink, or your vibrant back piece? Rest assured, regardless of the size of your tattoo, tattoo soap is designed to take care of your artwork without discrimination.

What's more, it isn't just about size. Color doesn't pose an issue when it comes to using tattoo soap either. Whether your tattoo is a bold and colorful creation or a simple minimalist black design, soap for tattoosensures it's kept in its best condition by cleansing effectively without causing any fading or discoluration.

Is it absolutely necessary to use tattoo aftercare soap?

It is essential that you use specially designed soap for tattoo aftercare instead of normal soap when the tattoo is in the healing process to stop infections. If you fail to look after your tattoo properly after your session, it could lead to scabbing or scarring which could alter the look of the tattoo. In addition to this, if your skin is dry, your skin could itch, meaning you might scratch your skin and potentially damage the tattoo. Read our blog on raised tattoos here! Overall, using our tattoo aftercare soap will help your skin to heal and provide a better feeling, and a better looking tattoo!

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