Best Places for a Tattoo

Best Places for a Tattoo

With lockdown restrictions ending and years of art ideas forming, the population are eager to get their tattoo’s booked in. Whether you want to show off your tattoo for summer or are ready to take the plunge in getting your first tattoo… you need to get the prettiest placement, right?

A recent US poll found that 29% of people have a tattoo, which is up from the previous poll conducted in 2012, finding that 20% of people have a tattoo. As tattooing skin becomes the new trend, more people are wondering what design they want, but the more important question is, where should I place my tattoo?

In this blog, we will give you some ideas about where you could place your tattoo and why placement is important. Don’t worry the faint-hearted! We also discuss the most painful spots too.

As the amount of tattooed individuals rises, there is also a rise in the creativity of placement and designs. Even the most reserved people are getting tattoos these days, meaning small tattoo’s in cute spots are all the rage. Having small tattoo’s gives an opportunity for a wider range of placement ideas such as behind the ears, in between fingers or even on the back of your lips! These ideas mean that apprehensive people can delve into the personalised look without feeling too bold, not to mention the fact that you can easily cover up small tattoos.

Celebrities placement ideas 

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott- With the birth of their baby, Kylie and Travis both decided to get a miniature tattoo of a butterfly to signify their love. So cute!

best places for a tattoo


Halsey- On the subject of children, Halsey also got a tattoo signifying her love for her unborn baby. She placed the tattoo well, covering up her scars from previous multiple endometriosis surgeries.

best place for a tattoo


Bella Hadid- Bella Hadid recently got 2 small fine-lined tattoo’s just below her shoulders. ‘Dr. Woo’ her tattoo artist posted a picture of the tattoo on his Instagram page and told the world that Bella Hadid got the tattoo’s as a symbol of love for her Arabic heritage.

best place for a tattoo


Hailey Bieber- Hailey recently got a romantic tattoo of her husband (Justin Bieber’s) initials on her wedding ring finger. This is a great placement idea for a tattoo symbolising love, after all, if you’re going to wear your ring forever, why not have a tattoo forever? 

If you’re into the latest gossip- fans are speculating whether this tattoo is somehow related to Justin Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez’s ring which had a similar looking ‘J’.

best places for a tattoo


Selena Gomez- Celebrating her latest album, Selena got a delicate tattoo tucked behind her ear. This tattoo was completed by renowned tattoo artist Bang Bang.

best places for a tattoo


Quirky tattoo placement ideas

Behind or inside the ear- This tattoo placement idea is gorgeous and individuals with long hair can cover the tattoo if desired. Although (in my opinion) this tattoo is one of the prettiest, it can also be one of the most painful! If you can’t stand the pain, you can always use tattoo numbing cream for a better experience.

Behind your lips- This placement is the most discreet you can go! You can get pretty much anything tattooed here and nobody would see it. People design swear words, lovers names, you could hide your darkest secret in this spot!

Underneath the foot- Again, a very discrete placement idea. People have been known to get ‘made in…’ and wherever they were born, a bit too similar to a Barbie if you ask me… but a cool idea non the less!


Popular, but nice placement ideas

On your bicep- The tattoo slightly tucked away, but yet flashes beautifully when you lift your arm up. 

Sternum tattoo (below the breasts)- This is a great tattoo because it highlights and shapes your breasts!

On the side of your ribs- This tattoo placement might be a good idea for shy individuals as it only appears when you’re wearing something a little more revealing. It also looks stunning!

Back tattoo- This gorgeous tattoo placement is great for small and big tattoo’s and any position on the back looks good!

Overall, getting a tattoo is a big moment and you should be prepared and most importantly, excited! If you feel like your tattoo experience could be dampened because you’re anxious about the pain, it is recommended that you use tattoo numbing cream.

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