How to make waxing less painful

How to make waxing less painful

Everybody knows that waxing is painful, yet everybody knows it’s one of the best ways to get rid of hair. Shaving may be less painful, but it also means that your hair will grow back thicker and you will have to shave more often to avoid prickly legs. To make matters even worse, shaving can cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

You may be cringing simply at the thought of waxing, but behold! The days of painful waxing are over. Now you can buy numbing cream for waxing, which makes this painful procedure virtually pain free! Who says beauty is pain anymore?! 

In this blog, we will talk about how to make waxing less painful. We’ve put together different techniques so you can go into your next waxing appointment filled with confidence that it will be almost painless! 

Apply numbing cream for waxing

Around 90 minutes before waxing, apply some numbing cream for waxing by Tattoo Numbing Cream. This can really help with the procedure and make your experience virtually painless. 


This is something that everyone forgets about… why not literally take a painkiller? This can help particularly when you’re getting waxed above the lip, on the chest, bikini or any genital areas- which are typically the most painful locations. 

Reduce acidity levels in the body

If you regularly smoke, drink coffee or alcohol, your body will be creating acid as a reaction to these substances. It might be best to take something to help balance the PH of your stomach acid, such as Rennie. This will not only stop you from feeling sick, it will also reduce the sensitivity of your skin, making the waxing procedure less painful.

Use an exfoliant

If you have a lot of dead skin cells, the route in which the hairs will escape may be slightly blocked by them. If you use a body scrub or loofah to clean the area you will be having waxed beforehand, your skin will be smoother and the hairs will be able to escape more easily.


When getting waxed, most people tend to freeze up and hold their breath. While this may be your natural instinct, a person who is relaxed and breathes deeply will be the person who will have higher pain tolerance.

Don’t use ice for numbing

As with all wounds and cuts, the initial thought is to use ice to numb the area. Although numbing an area with ice is usually effective, you should not do this before waxing as it will make the pores tight. For waxing, the best results come from the skin being relaxed, not tight.

Don’t wax places that you shouldn’t

Anywhere that is particularly sensitive, you shouldn’t wax. This includes places like the insides of ears and noses, eyelashes, nipples and male genitals. You should also avoid waxing over burned or irritated skin, warts, moles, cuts or pimples. This is a hazard and can also cause more pain than necessary.

Waxing at home is harder than you think

Waxing yourself can be an extremely testing task and it will really hurt if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Have something that will distract you

Maybe listen to some music, or talk to a friend while you’re getting the waxing done. This can really help.

Let your hair grow to the perfect length

Hair too short won’t be pulled from the root, whereas hair too long means that you will be pulling the hair without removing it properly, which just means pain. One-quarter of an inch is perfect for the job.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to make waxing less painful’. If you would like a quick solution to combat pain from waxing, why not try our numbing cream for waxing today?

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