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Is microblading painful?: Microblading aftercare and microblading healing process

Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, microblading is the next best thing to having full eyebrows. Unlike most beauty products, microblading offers a semi permanent solution which lasts up to 3 years. For people with sparse or no eyebrows, this could be an ideal solution… but does it hurt? Microblading uses a tool that causes a slight incision into your skin, so it’s bound to, but it all depends on your pain tolerance. Being a 2-hour operation, the pain can become a little overwhelming at times. Nonetheless, microblading can be made less painful with numbing cream- if you or your technician has it. Read on to find out if microblading is painful and learn about microblading aftercare and microblading healing process. 

Is microblading painful?

Similar to a tattoo, microblading works by making lots of small incisions into the skin which are then filled with a pigment. Due to the surgical pen breaking the skin, it is a procedure that needs adequate microblading aftercare and can be painful for the duration of the incision. 

Is microblading painful? The question all depends on your pain tolerance and the methods you take. To make the process less painful, you can use numbing cream or try to distract yourself by bringing a friend with you. 

The majority of practitioners will use a numbing cream to make you more comfortable during the procedure but it’s best to come prepared with your own- just in case. If the practitioner does use numbing cream, the pain will not be as prevalent and you are likely to only feel the pressure of the blade against your skin. 

If no numbing cream is applied, the procedure will feel like a heavy scratch on your face over and over again, possibly in the same place multiple times. Your skin will continue to feel slightly scratched, burned or irritated. 

Is microblading painful? Lets take a look at lessening the effects:

  1. Avoid caffeine or alcohol for the day of the procedure
  2. Avoid tanning or sunbathing 1 week before the procedure
  3. Don’t wax or pluck your eyebrows for a week before the procedure
  4. Avoid certain cosmetic procedures to your face like chemical peels, vitamin A and laser treatments 1 week before the procedure
  5. Apply numbing cream 1 hour before the procedure

Microblading aftercare

Generally, you should follow the precautions that your technician recommends to ensure you take microblading aftercare precautions so your skin doesn’t get infected. 

Do’s of microblading aftercare:

  1. Apply coconut oil to your eyebrows twice per day until healed
  2. Keep the area clean and dry 
  3. Avoid touching the affected area altogether for 14 days
  4. Avoid certain cosmetic procedures to your face like chemical peels, vitamin A, makeup and laser treatments for 14 days 
  5. Avoid intense exercise that makes you sweat for 14 days 
  6. Stay out of direct sunlight for 14 days
  7. Avoid saunas and swimming
  8. Keep your hair away from the affected area
  9. Keep the technicians tips in consideration 
  10. Wash your face gently with specific soap that doesn’t have harsh chemicals and pat dry 

Microblading healing process

For the first 2 weeks of the microblading healing process, your skin will be irritated and you’ll need to handle your skin with care, similar to as you would after getting a tattoo. Your skin on and around the area of the incision may be pink and feel bruised, but this is nothing to worry about. Most people report it feeling similar to having a bad sunburn for a few days after the procedure. It tends to take 2 weeks after the microblading healing process to look and feel healed, your skin will be sensitive during this time, so it’s best to treat your skin with care. After 2 weeks, you can start getting on with your daily routine doing anything you normally would e.g. swimming or wearing makeup. 

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