Is Tattoo Numbing Cream Worth It?

Is Tattoo Numbing Cream Worth It?

Pain tolerance is something individual to us, with everyone having their own levels of discomfort. Whether you can sit with a needle skimming across your ribs for two hours without a mere flinch, or whether the artist can barely keep you in the chair. It simply affects people in alternate ways. But what if you took the pain completely out of the equation? Well, you’d be subjected to a whole new experience.

In fact, by numbing the pain of receiving a tattoo, the fear factor of it all simmers to nothing more than a nervous blip. Those who loathe the thought of multiple pain filled hours will suddenly find themselves racing for the nearest tattoo parlour.

Is tattoo numbing cream actually worth it?

With our signature tattoo numbing cream, you can ensure your next tattoo session is ultimately pain free. Apply it before your next inking and all that’s left to do is enjoy. No more reminders to breathe or relax as your fingernails are digging into the chair. With our numbing cream, the entire tattoo process is made remarkably more enjoyable.

We are passionate about tattoo pain relief, forgoing the old proverb “there is no beauty without pain”, and easing someone’s life in the simplest of ways.

Using this product not only decreases the need for breaks, it also results in shorter sessions. This benefit impacts customers as well as tattoo artists. With less time needed in the tattoo chair, artists have the space for more customers. This may be the perfect investment in order to improve client satisfaction and experience. The reduction and removal of pain is the incentive people need to get their first tattoo, an easy way to increase profits.

Our customers love it too!

It’s not only us who believe in our tattoo numbing cream, with a plethora of amazing reviews it’s easy to understand why people think this product is worth it. “I didn’t feel any of the pain except slight pinches, definitely worth the money. This is now my second tattoo and it wouldn’t be possible without this cream.” Comments instagram user @sincerelylexi__, one of our many happy customers. An example of someone who might have avoided tattoos altogether without our help.

Our signature cream isn’t limited to tattoos, it can also be applied before waxing, piercings, laser hair removal and tattoo removal to name but a few. All uncomfortable processes that can be completely pain free.

Still unsure about our tattoo numbing cream?

Be reassured by knowing that we fully stand behind our business and our products, ensuring all our customers have less to stress about. We believe our product is best in class and worth the investment.

Just have a look at our product here, and our reviews. Guaranteed to instill confidence even in the most worrisome buyer. Go pain free today from just £17 a tube.

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