Is Using a Tattoo Cream Important for Aftercare?

Is Using a Tattoo Cream Important for Aftercare?

A fresh tattoo may evoke a range of feelings and it is typically thrilling and contagious pleasant vibes. But if you do not take proper care of the tattoo, it might go from being a lovely piece of body art to a tragedy. You must take a few easy actions to make sure your tattoo is healing properly. The first step is to be patient, your skin is delicate, so you must follow all the directions to help it recover. It is a good idea to use a tattoo cream because it can speed up the healing process.

Maintaining your new tattoo while making sure it does not get infected and allowing it to heal without interference is a difficult balance to strike. Since the skin needs to breathe during healing, applying too much ointment can be harmful, but what happens if you don't apply any at all?

Inks and colours are injected beneath the skin during tattooing. In order for the tattoo to show through the epidermis (surface layer) after healing, the ink is injected into the dermis, the second layer of skin by depth. The skin is harmed regardless of the size of the artwork. Because of this, you must have the tattoo in an area that is entirely clean, and you must protect it from rubbing and bacteria thereafter.

Consequently, the tattoo artist applies a bandage right away and instructs you to leave it on for around three hours. The surface should be cleaned thereafter, and you can then administer the tattoo cream for the first time. The initial few days following getting your new tattoo are very critical. Forget about swimming or exposing it to sunshine.

Why is a Tattoo Cream Important?

By establishing a barrier against bacteria, using a tattoo aftercare cream guarantees that your tattoo will heal properly. It is one of the most crucial processes to properly heal a tattoo since it makes sure that no infection may happen that might make you sick or cause displacement and darkening of your new tattoo.

If you are unsure whether you need to apply ointment to your new tattoo or not, consider the advantages that a quality tattoo ointment offers. One of the greatest ways to speed the healing process and protect the tattoo is to apply high-quality tattoo ointment or lotion. 

A quality tattoo cream aids in preventing any form of infection. If you neglect your tattoo, which is an open wound, you run the danger of infection or septic shock. The best aftercare products for tattoos are formulated with premium ingredients that nourish your tattoo and aid in its quick healing. They protect the tattoo from the risk of possible infections at the same time.

A tattoo heals for at least three to four weeks, depending on size and location. Your tattoo will itch during this healing process and could possibly become inflamed. Do not panic if it is your first tattoo, these are common processes that occur when a tattoo is healing.

Keeping your Tattoo Moisturised

It is advised to dry with absorbent paper rather than a towel in the days that follow to prevent bacterial contamination and to gently wash with pH-neutral soap to remove excess ink. Next, for around a dozen days, apply an aftercare salve designed specifically for tattoos every day. The healthy renewal of the skin depends on this stage, which also helps to avoid any potential itching or uncomfortable irritation.

Our Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve is ideal because it has multiple uses and will give your new tattoo everything it needs for an attractive and pain-free outcome. This unique formula based with herbs, oils, and vitamins known for their natural healing properties allows the skin to breath and helps to "soothe" the tattoo as it heals.

Olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), lavender oil, sunflower oil, rosemary extract, and D&C green 6 make up this formula's nourishing and moisturising components. Although it may not seem like it, your tattoo is an open wound, and you must take every precaution to prevent bacteria from touching it in order to prevent a terrible infection.


Before picking up your tattoo aftercare lotion, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent contaminating the cream with germs before it even touches your skin. To avoid trapping moisture underneath and prolonging the skin's healing process, lightly clean your tattoo before applying the ointment and pat it dry.

Only a very thin layer of ointment is required. Avoid suffocating it because your skin needs to be able to breathe for healthy healing. When your tattoo has a very slight gloss, you know you have enough.

The usual number of times per day you should reapply the tattoo aftercare salve is included in its instructions. However, this may vary depending on the size, location, and stage of healing that you are experiencing at any one moment. When offering you aftercare tips, your artist will be able to advise you on this. 

Make sure not to overmoisturize your tattoo by using a new tattoo ointment or tattoo lotion to keep your skin hydrated. The ointment will not only speed up the healing process but also give you skin that is healthier and glossier.

Thank you for reading our blog “Is Using a Tattoo Cream Important for Aftercare”. Shop our Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve that allows your skin to breath and helps to soothe your tattoo as it heals today!
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