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Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo

Tattoos are globally considered to be the most common form of body decoration. In 2010, a study was conducted that found 38% of adults ages 18-29 have at least one tattoo. Biologically, female and male people experience pain differently, with laboratory experiments finding that women have a lower pain threshold than men. There is no scientific evidence stating that different places of the body hurt more than others while enduring a tattoo. Regardless of the science, it is widely reported that certain placements hurt more than others. We have got our information from individual experiences and tattoo artists. 

You may really like a certain placement but terminate the idea when finding out that it is in a painful position. Tattoo pain is coherent with any placement, but certain areas hurt more than others. It is possible to reduce the amount of pain with our tattoo numbing cream. This may be of great importance when thinking about getting a tattoo in one of those painful spots. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 painful places to get a tattoo and what people have said about their tattoo experience. 

As a rule of thumb

The most painful places to get tattooed are those with the least fat, most nerve endings, and thinnest skin. Vice versa for the least painful places. Bony areas are also usually a killer (figuratively). 

Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo- Armpit

The armpit is widely known as one of the most painful places to get a tattoo- if not, the most painful place to get tattooed. It is so painful that tattoo artists recommend against getting tattoos in this area. The skin is extremely sensitive due to the lymph nodes that immediately swell during the process of getting the tattoo. The healing can also be extremely painful as your sides and arms are constantly rubbing against the tattoo. 

Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo- Rib cage 

Following the armpit, the ribcage is the next most painful placement for a tattoo. The skin is extremely thin in this area, as well as the bone being close to the skin. There is also the least amount of fat here compared to the rest of your body. This area can additionally be painful during and after the process as every time you breathe, as the skin around the rib cage moves. This can make the rib cage placement one of the most intense and uncomfortable. 

Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo- Ankles and shins

The same as the armpit, your ankle bones and shin bones are just underneath an extremely thin layer of skin, making it painful to be tattooed in these areas. The pain from this area is the same feeling of pain you would experience around your rib cage. 

Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo- Breasts and nipples

Breasts and nipples can be an uncomfortable place to get tattooed as they are extremely sensitive- especially before or during a biological female period.

Top 5 painful places to get a tattoo- Groin

This is a painful spot because of the number of nerve endings there are. The tattoo needles can disturb and irritate these nerve endings, causing pain. The amount of pain endured in this particular spot is rated from high to severe. 

If you’re getting a tattoo in any of these places or even getting a tattoo in general and you don’t have a high pain threshold, you could try out our tattoo numbing cream. Our website also has products for the aftercare of tattoos like tattoo soap for showering and tattoo balm for moisturising. See our website for more information and bundles.
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