What does a tattoo feel like?

What does a tattoo feel like?

The pain of a tattoo will vary from person to person, so it’s hard to say exactly how much it will hurt. You can always expect the procedure to be uncomfortable at the very best. What exactly are the defining factors into whether a tattoo is painful or not? Pain tolerance, the skill of your tattoo artist and the location of the tattoo can all be taken into account when trying to determine how painful your tattoo will be. 

In this blog, we will discuss the ins and outs of pain and ways to minimise how much of it you experience. All of the information provided is taken from experts in the industry too, so you know you’ll get the right information.

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What does tattoo pain feel like? 

The process of getting a tattoo involves having a needle pierced into your skin multiple times and it pretty much sounds as bad as it feels, depending on a number of factors. The majority of people will describe this pain as burning, razor-sharp pain or being cut. 

You will feel the most pain at the beginning of the session and then as your adrenaline kicks in, the tattoo will become less painful. It may feel like a slight stinging or pressure sensation, which will lessen as the session goes on.

It also depends from person to person, for example, you might dread getting an injection at the dentist whereas most people are so excited about getting a new tattoo that the pain gets pushed under the rug. Some people actually enjoy the feeling, while others will simply withstand the pain for the aesthetic.

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What parts of my body will be the most painful? 


Some parts of your body are more sensitive than others. Written down are the places known to have the worst effects: 

  • Boney areas of the body (ribs, ankles and wrists) 
  • Areas that are ticklish 
  • Areas with thin layers of skin (armpits, inner thighs etc) 
  • Areas with a lot of nerves (fingertips, head, face, ears, nipples) 
  • Areas with damaged tissue

If you want to ease yourself into it, we suggest working your way up to the most painful spots. For example, you could start by having a tattoo on your calf, before going for the sternum tattoo. 

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Factors that can impact pain tolerance

  • Your individual pain tolerance
  • Where about you decide to place the tattoo 
  • Your individual skin sensitivity 
  • Whether the tattoo is complex or simple, for example, having multiple colours and heavy shading will be more painful
  • The size of the tattoo 

What does a tattoo feel like while it’s healing? 

Immediately after getting your tattoo, you may experience a pulsing sensation or dull pain, which should dissipate after the first day of getting the tattoo. Small tattoos won’t usually feel like much when they’re healing, whereas larger tattoos may have scabs or feel ‘tight’ on your skin. The tattoo and surrounding area may feel tender and itchy, most people say it feels like a sunburn. 

When you should see a doctor

Below are signs that your tattoo might be infected or you’re allergic to the ink, if you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention: 

  • Pain or tenderness that is worsening
  • Raised bumps 
  • Oozing of puss from the skin 
  • Fever
  • Rash around the tattoo

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