Why is my tattoo raised?

Why is my tattoo raised?

To a certain extent, it’s completely normal to have a raised tattoo, especially in the first few months while it’s healing. What is the science behind this? Does your individual body chemistry have a part to play in this? All of this follows on from the question ‘Why is my tattoo raised?’.

Certain reasons can have an effect on your tattoo such as allergic reactions, weather conditions (surprisingly!) and your individual body chemistry. The majority of the time you have nothing to worry about though, as this is simply a product of having a slight incision on your skin, almost like when a cat scratches you! 

In this blog we will discuss reasons why your tattoo might be raised and what you can do to keep it in the best condition to heal properly. A quick solution to help remedy your fresh tattoo would be to use Tattoo Numbing Cream’s moisturising goo, take a look by clicking here. 

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Is it normal for my tattoo to be raised?

It is completely normal for the tattoo to be raised for a few days following the session. The tricky part is distinguishing whether the tattoo is raised or whether the skin around the tattoo is puffy, as this is a slight cause of concern. 


(The first picture may be a concern, immediately go to the doctors or consult your tattoo artist and ask for their advice. The second photograph however is completely normal).

Why is my tattoo raised?

There are a number of reasons why your tattoo could be raised, although normally it is a good sign of the tattoo healing. Here are a few reasons:

Body chemistry- We’re all different, and your body, just like everyone else’s will heal in its own unique way. Some people will experience their tattoo being raised for a week after the tattoo, while others may only see their tattoo being raised on the same day they get it done.

Weather conditions- Just like if it’s cold your nose and lips may go dry, your tattoo may also be prone to react in a strange way because of the weather. If the weather outside is particularly humid or very dry, you may see a raised tattoo for slightly longer.

Allergic reactions- As mentioned earlier, if the skin around the tattoo becomes raised, it might be telling you that you are allergic to the ink. This is rare, but still possible. This may be more common if you have used coloured ink for your skin, in particular red and yellow.

What can I do to make my tattoo heal faster?

The majority of the time when wondering ‘Why is my tattoo raised’ it is a natural process that you will have to wait out.

It is more common that your tattoo will simply be healing. In which case you just need to make sure that you are following the healing process as your tattoo artist has explained to you. 

If your tattoo is experiencing this appearance due to the weather, you may simply have to wait it out until the weather passes. 

If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, you may require medical attention, whereby you should consult a doctor.

Why is my tattoo raised, even after years

Most of the time, this too isn’t a cause of concern, as long as there are no alarming symptoms such as redness. This again could be due to certain weather conditions or your body chemistry. 

The majority of the time this is completely harmless, but after years of having a raised tattoo, it may be indicative of skin tissue damage, infection or allergic reaction, so if you’re worried, go and take a visit to the doctor.


The majority of the time, all a raised tattoo suggests is that you need to wait it out and care for your new tattoo properly. You should always follow on with what your artist has told you to do, but if you’ve lost the details, you can follow our guide on how to look after a tattoo by clicking here.

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