how painful is a septum piercing

How Painful is a Septum Piercing, Can Tattoo Numbing Cream Help?

If you’ve been searching, ‘how painful is a septum piercing?’ all over the internet, then you’ve come to the right place. When discussing the magnitude of pain during a septum piercing, it's always important to remember that no two noses are the same, and some noses will have higher resistance to pain than others. Despite this, it is certain that dealing with the pain intertwined with any piercing is no easy feat. 


A septum piercing is certainly a step up from a simple earlobe piercing and will usually cause substantial discomfort as well as making your eyes water. As long as your piercer hits the ‘sweet spot’, the extent to which you could react to the pain is needing to squeeze someone's hand; letting out a muffled shout; or gritting your teeth, but where does this pain come from?  

Why Are Septum Piercings More Painful Than Some Others?

Your septum is the thin membrane that separates your left and right nostrils, and consists of primarily cartilage. It is for this reason that a septum piercing can get really painful. If the piercer misses the ‘sweet spot’, and instead pierces cartilage, then the predicament that is excruciating pain will arise. To combat this, some form of pain management strategy would be greatly beneficial.

How To Prevent the Pain Involved With Your Piercing?

You might still be wondering, ‘how painful is a septum piercing and how can I reduce the pain involved?’ Ways to dampen pain are abundant, with some being more or less effective than others. A few different methods of protecting yourself from the demons of severe pain include:

  • Desensitise the piercing area - Using ice to numb the area you are getting pierced is a somewhat effective but also relatively dangerous way of preventing pain. Yes, it can prevent immediate pain of the piercing, however can also cause skin damage and other negative effects.
  • Meditation and breathing tactics - Despite the persona surrounding these methods, that implies they are not very effective, deep breathing and meditation can have very beneficial effects, reducing stress and helping with pain management. In turn, channelling your inner zen and clearing your mind can help you fight against that excruciating septum piercing. 
  • Ensure you have a top quality piercer - The pain related to a septum piercing can be very easily diminished as a result of the use of a skilled and well-practised piercer. The area of the septum that warrants the least pain can easily be targeted by someone with experience and in turn, pain can be minimised. 
  • Generic Pain Relief Drugs - Taking painkillers half hour before the piercing can have a positive effect on the magnitude of pain you might experience, decreasing it significantly.
  • Use a numbing cream -  This is where Tattoo Numbing Cream can aid your experience, allowing you to receive a calm and stress-free piercing, without all the agonising pain. 

  • Why Use Tattoo Numbing Cream For a Septum Piercing?

    So, how painful is a septum piercing and how can Tattoo Numbing Cream help? By applying numbing cream, prior to your piercing, the pain factor can be eliminated. There are many positives tied in with the use of numbing cream for piercings, such as: 

  • Pain Prevention - Experience a pain-free piercing, without needing to scream in sheer agony while the delicate process is underway. A process that requires utter concentration and surgical hand movements, that would be greatly aided by a quiet and stress-free workplace. 
  • Duration - The numbing cream lasts for hours, reducing any time pressure. 
  • Use In Sensitive Areas - The septum is a fragile area of the body that is easily damaged. However, tattoo numbing cream is adapted and specialised to facilitate these sensitive areas, meaning it can be used not only for the septum but all over the body, to provide pain relief in a plethora of different areas and processes. A list of the many different uses of tattoo numbing cream can be found in the drop down menu of the more section on our home page.
  • Minimal side effects - As with any new cream, there are some side effects involved. With Tattoo Numbing Cream, there are only a few, potential side effects that many users will not experience. Minor reactions such as paleness or redness of the skin, slight puffiness, initial burning or itching may temporarily occur in the area where the cream is used. This should disappear in a short while and is all normal. If any symptoms are persistent, refrain from reusing the cream and consult a doctor if necessary.

  • How Do You Apply Tattoo Numbing Cream For A Septum Piercing?

    There are a few, simple steps to applying Tattoo Numbing Cream, that you can buy here.

    1. Wash the nose area with soap and water. Once clean, dry the area. 
    2. Generously apply the cream, ensuring to completely cover the area and rub it in thoroughly.
    3. Leave for 90 minutes.
    4. Once this time has elapsed, wipe away any excess cream.
    5. You’re now ready to undergo around 60 minutes of pain-free piercing, thanks to

    Where Can You Buy Tattoo Numbing Cream?

    Now you have the answer to your initial question, ‘how painful is a septum piercing?’ and have an impressive product such as Tattoo Numbing Cream that can be of great help during the procedure. So, where can you purchase it?

    Tattoo Numbing Cream can be bought on the tattoonumbingcream website, with deals in place to allow for purchase of multiple tubes, either at a 10% discount if bought in bundles of 3, or a 30% discount if bought in bundles of 5. Click here to purchase Tattoo Numbing Cream in small batches (1,3 or 5). 

    If you are a business looking to use Tattoo Numbing Cream frequently, in great quantities, then you can purchase 50 tubes for £425.00, a great discount on buying tubes separately, rather than wholesale. Click here to be taken directly to where you can buy great amounts of the cream at once. 


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