How to make epilating less painful

How to make epilating less painful

We all know the benefits of epilating, yet many of us shy away from doing it due to the pain it causes. An epilator is a device that tweezes your hairs out of your skin using multiple tweezers at a fast pace…ouch! If you’ve just bought an epilator and are contemplating giving up because of the torture, stop right there! We understand it hurts, which is why we’ve come up with all the best tips and tricks on how to make epilating less painful for you. You’ll be glad to find out that epilating becomes less painful each time you do it, so there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

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All the methods how to make epilating less painful

Take a pain killer approximately 45 minutes before you start

Painkillers don’t just help the pain, they will also reduce swelling and inflammation. Try taking some ibuprofen or aspirin around 45 minutes before you start to epilate to help ease the pain. If you don’t remember to take one before epilation, you can still take one afterwards to help reduce the swelling. Make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage. 

Take a hot shower or bath before epilating 

When your body is warm, your pores open, meaning the hairs will pull out much more easily. Open pores equal less pain, so get warm! In addition to this, your skin needs to be clean before epilation, so you can kill two birds with one stone! 

Exfoliate properly 

Having dry skin can make the epilation process hurt much more. You can rub an exfoliant cream over the area you want to exfoliate to get rid of this dead skin before rinsing it off thoroughly. If you don’t have an exfoliator, don’t worry, simply mix sugar and coconut oil together for a natural exfoliant. It might be tempting to put on lotion after exfoliating, but miss out on this step until you’re finished epilating. We suggest this because lotions can easily clog your epilator up and damage it.

Make use of your waterproof epilator

Check if your epilator is waterproof, if it is, make good use of it! Epilating is much easier when done in the shower or bath. The benefits of this include gliding over the skin more easily, resulting in less pain and irritation. If your epilator isn’t waterproof, make sure that you make sure your skin is completely dry to avoid breaking it.

Try out numbing cream for epilating

Numbing cream is one of the most effective solutions for epilating. Spread a pea-sized amount on the area you wish to epilate and then start the process! Numbing cream can run out quickly, so we recommend saving this for the most painful areas such as the armpits, face and bikini line. You will usually need to do a spot test with numbing cream before application, so make sure that you read the instructions beforehand. If you’re looking how to make epilating less painful, why not try Tattoo Numbing Cream today?

Select a low-speed level on your epilator

You might want to get the session over and done with, but resist putting your epilator on the fast mode. Setting your epilator on the fast mode can lead to a lot of pulling and tearing. Using a lower setting can also help you to achieve a closer and smoother tweeze.

Pull your skin taut

Stretching your skin slightly will give the epilator a smoother surface to work on. You can use one hand to stretch and the other to epilate as you go. The benefits don’t stop there, having stretched skin will also allow the epilator to grab smaller hairs in hard to reach areas. 

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