Numbing cream for needles

numbing cream for needles

Numbing cream for needles

Do you ever find yourself suffocated with anxiety at the thought of needles? Some people faint during the vaccination process, making it possible to hurt themselves during the fall. 7% of fainting reports are coded as serious, which is why you should try to limit the possibility of fainting as much as possible.

For some people, part of the fear surrounding needles is the pain that it comes with. Doctors and beauticians don’t offer numbing cream, simply because it isn’t cost-effective and most people don’t mind the pain it causes. Our numbing cream for needles will reduce your anxiety during the treatment, and could help everyone involved in the injection process. So what are you waiting for? Browse our products today and immerse yourself in the benefits of our numbing cream for skin needling.

Besides easing discomfort, when the area is numbed you are less likely to move around during the treatment, which can affect the outcome. If you are calm and still throughout, you'll get optimal results!

Whoever came up with the saying ‘no pain no gain’ has clearly never tried our magical numbing cream. Try it out for yourself and we assure you you’ll never want to head into another appointment without it. This is not just an ordinary numbing cream, but it is for all your future injections or cosmetic procedures!

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How numbing cream for skin NEEDLING WORKS

Our numbing cream stops the signals going from the area where the cream is placed to the brain so you don’t register any form of pain!

All you have to do is place the cream on the area the needle is going 60 minutes before the session to have a pain-free injection. Following on from this, the numbing effect lasts for 3-4 hours, however, this could be a shorter amount of time if it is for your face.

So there it is- you can walk into your next appointment with a needle, free from anxiety, and fear and relax during the procedure.

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numbing cream for needles


Definitely recommend!
I used this product on my client last week and he barely felt any of the linework on his chest! Great product and fantastic customer service :)

Lana Jade

I will definitely be using this for all of my piercings from now on. I've had a few piercings before but always found them painful - This makes it so much easier!

C. Hurst

I didn't know what to expect as a friend recommended this to me. I couldn't feel a thing when getting my last piercing, and it was in a very 'painful' area!

C. Rahman
numbing cream for needles

We take pride in our high-quality product and service

We offer worldwide delivery and there is no need to get a prescription for our products. We know our products are worth it, which is why we have a money-back guarantee.

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