What do lip fillers feel like

What do lip fillers feel like

Over the last decade, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of lip fillers, with all the hottest celebrities and influencers getting them, more and more people are trying it out every day. Although the UK has been in lockdown on and off for nearly two years now, lip fillers have seen a surge in popularity like never before- an increase of 30% since the pandemic. 

You might have seen the trend grow over the years and wonder what lip fillers feel like? Don’t worry we’ll explain the details, from the feeling when you’re getting them and what it’s like afterwards with your new lips. 

If you want to have a pain free experience when getting lip filler, why not use numbing cream for lip filler? 

What do lip fillers feel like with numbing cream? 

Numbing cream unfortunately isn’t always used when getting your lips injected. This is because it isn’t a requirement and it often costs the practitioner more than they would like to pay. If you want to have numbing cream, we recommend that you use Tattoo Numbing Cream for a pain-free experience. If you wish to have numbing cream, don’t assume that your practitioner will have it, ask them beforehand or buy some numbing cream yourself. 

You should apply the numbing cream about 1 hour before the lip injection for the best results. If you have numbing cream, you should expect to only feel a sharp pinch but nothing more than that.

What do lip fillers feel like during the injection?

As the needle pierces into your skin, you should feel a sharp pinch before the product slowly drifts its way underneath the skin. You should expect this to feel strange, almost like cold water running through your body as you’ve had a cold glass of water. If you have applied numbing cream, the only part you should find painful will be when the needle breaks into the skin.

When the filler has been injected into your skin, your practitioner should massage the lip thoroughly. This massage will help to evenly distribute the filler, which will prevent any lumps from forming. When lip fillers go bumpy (granulomas) and turn into a disaster, that is a result of your practitioner not massaging the filler in properly.

Your practitioner may need to go back into one of the lips again to make sure that they’re both even but when they’re perfect you are done and will be ready to go home! You should wait for them to settle when you get home, they might bruise or go slightly lumpy, but this is completely normal for the first few days. You may decide that you would like some more filler, for a fuller look. If you wish to have more filler put into your lips, you should follow the advice of your practitioner and go back for more at the time that they say.

How do lip fillers feel like the next day? 

Your lips will appear bigger straight away, and then your lips will start to swell, all of which is completely normal. The swelling can last from 12 and 48 hours, but it isn’t usual for it to continue to swell after 3 days. If you want to ease your swelling, you can apply an icepack to the area. Your lips may also feel slightly hard to begin with and it may feel slightly strange to kiss someone, or put lipstick on for the first week! 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘What do lip fillers feel like?’. If you’re looking for a pain-free experience, why not try numbing cream for lip filler?
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