What tattoo should I get?

What tattoo should I get?

Getting a tattoo is exciting, but deciding what tattoo to go for can be tricky, especially when you know it’s going to last you a lifetime.

In this blog, we will help you to decide what tattoo you should get. We will leave you with some ideas and help organise and narrow down your search so that your decision is entirely yours, with some added sparkle. 

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What to think about before deciding ‘What tattoo should I get?!’

Firstly, decide why you want a tattoo. Some people are quick with their decisions and know exactly what they want. Whether this is a tattoo symbolising their firstborn child, or getting a degree, they know that they want to showcase an aspect about themselves and their life that they hold close to their heart.

On the other hand, you may not know what tattoo you would like at all! If you do have a symbolic meaning for your tattoo and it’s for your children, was there anything that stood out during your pregnancy? Maybe your baby would kick every time you played a certain song, or you had fun painting rainbows on the wall for your baby's new room. In this case, maybe you could get the song tattooed on your arm or a watercolour rainbow tattoo. 

If you’re after something symbolic, really think about the way you felt during this time and the reminders it gives you.

Although sometimes people may get a tattoo they deem ‘totally random’, we believe most people get inked with something that means a lot to them. It could be deep rooted or simply something that makes you laugh,both of which are still personal to you. No matter what anybody says, you’re well within your right to get whatever makes you happy tattooed onto your skin- it’s your skin, after all! 

Deciding what tattoo should I get

Get some ideas

There are thousands of different tattoo styles out there that you can choose from. A few examples of the most popular styles are Japanese, old school, neo-traditional, abstract, realism, lettering and tribal. Pinterest is a great app for this, you can save all of your tattoo ideas in different ‘boards’. Take some time discovering all the different styles of tattoos, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Decide where you would like your tattoo to be placed

The body is an art piece in itself, so deciding where to place the tattoo is almost as important as deciding what style of tattoo to choose. For example, you could wrap a stalk of leaves around the arm, or you could get intricate small tattoos on the fingers or behind the ear. You want something that you feel comfortable with, yet something that stands out, looking phenomenal. Finding the right balance between meaning, placement, style, artist and colour can be difficult, but you’ll get there! 

Take a look at some artists

There are thousands of artists that you can choose from who will have their own individual style. It’s common that an artist will like to put their own stamp on a tattoo, so make sure that you choose an artist that you like. You can find different artists online; Instagram is a great place to discover studios and artists as it showcases their art perfectly. 

Patience is a virtue

Don’t rush to decide what tattoo you should get, if your idea can stand the test of time, then you know you’ll love having it on your body for life. Be mindful that this piece will stay on your skin forever. 

Before your tattoo session, make sure you prepare! 

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